Arta Scientific Leaders Institute was established in 2013 with the aim of publishing prestigious scientific journals, holding various scientific conferences, holding short-term workshops, as well as conducting research projects and consulting in research projects.

The institute was registered in 2014 at the registry office of non-commercial institutions of Iran, the national ID is 14003881498 .


Journal of Cultural Leadership Studies

فصلنامه مطالعات رهبری فرهنگی

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JCLS seeks articles that link cultural leadership and other relative subjects with its functional demands and outcomes. This in part may entail linking leadership in meaningful ways to organizational culture, social culture, cross –culture, organizational goals, functions, and performance pursuits, to practices in organizations such as entrepreneurship, strategy/strategic thinking, operations, and culture in human resources, and etc. To achieve these goals, JCLS recognizes that applying context to the study of culture and leadership can be in tension with a paper’s level of generalizability. JCLS recognizes this tradeoff and will support authors who seek to achieve balance

Deadline for submission: End of December 31, 2020


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